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It started in 2006 .......

We were seriously tired of the lack of white, high quality bedding in the stores.

Most of the white sheets were mediocre or of really bad quality.

Our creative spirit was awakening and we decided to make a difference and create a company specializing in high quality white sheets at a reasonable price. We also decided to offer the special service of monogramming the sheets.

And so we started the online store Alma House.

In our search for the finest cotton we encountered the Egyptian cotton. It soon became clear that Egyptian cotton is the best cotton in the world because of the long cotton fibers that make the cotton extra soft and durable.

This was exactly what we were looking for - the very best!

The result was an exclusive bedlinen program in white made of the finest Egyptian cotton.

Alma House was established and we decided to also to add silk and velvet fabric to our product range (with the additional service of made to measure curtains.) Our aim was to offer more elegance in textile furnishings.

Our made to measure curtains are hand-made in our studio-workshop using the finest traditional sewing techniques and finishing skills.

Alma House has been on the internet since October 2007.