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Monogramming is one of the special services we offer. Whether it be a small monogrammed initial or romantic intertwined initials, there is something for everyone.

If you have special requirements like family weapon, your signature or your own style of monogram please concact us by phone or email.

Monogramming is a fantastic opportunity to transform a gift into something totally personal and special.

Your monogram will be placed in the standard position according to the product, likewise it will also be of a standard size. If you would like a specific position / size please let us know at checkout.

Please allow at least 14 working days for monogram orders - if you have a deadline within that time, please call us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

We have a set of custom monogram embroideries and you can choose from six different styles (fonts) for your monogram / name.


Renaissance; Only capital letters.
Romance; Only capital letters
Pearl medallion; Only capital letters

Renaissance is a classic monogram style for embroideries on bed linen. For bridal couples who 
take a common surname one usually put the common surname letter in the middle,
the woman's first letter to the left and the mans to the right.
It is likewise popular also to use only one letter.

Romance ( Capital letter, height about 7 cm)

Romance is our most romantic monogram style. Since the style is expressive, it 
it is best suited with only two monogram letters.

The pearl medallion has monogram letters in an  old-fashioned, hand embroidered style.
The medallion has room for two monogram letters, only capital letters.

Times new roman (capital height about 4 cm) Classical and stylish font that fits great on terry towels.

Traditiion ( capital letter height 3 cm)
Tradition is a classic writing style and fits well when you want to embroider the entire name.

capital letter height about 3 cm. Moderne is suitable for whole name.

Embroidery Threads
There are 15 different colors to choose from.
If you have other requirement please contact us.
1. White
2. Cream
3. Light pink
4. Beige
5. Light blue
6. Royal blue
7. Aqua
8. Light Lilac
9. Purple
10. Gray
11. Dark red
12. Navy blue
13. Pistachio green
14. Gold
15. Greige (gray beige)
The monogram or name is embroidered
centered about 14 cm from the top edge of the duvet cover and about 9.5 cm from
pillowcase top edge.

If you have any other request
for fonts, embroidery thread or placement of monogram / name contact
us by email or phone.

Prices per letter:
1-3 letters 6 € / letter.
From 4 letters 4€ / letter.
Pearl medallion includes 2 letters 20 €.

Monograms is to be ordered in the contact field after placing your product order. Aternatively by mail: info@almahouse.se.. Or contact us by phone +46 00761 28 50 59. We debit for the cost of the embroidery by invoice.

Please note! We regret, we are unable to accept returns of monogrammed products.

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